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The Best

There is a reason why we have been voted THE BEST Yoga Studio in Arlington. Mansfield and Grand Prairie. Come see for yourself.


Our Vision

We are just a group of yogis who want to share the benefits of yoga to the masses. We know yoga will open your heart and your mind. Yoga has changed our lives and it can change yours. It's just yoga, and we offer an environment where everyone feels welcomed and encouraged. We challenge our bodies and move with our breathe to open our mind and expand lives.

Meet the Team

 Yoga is our passion. Our Teachers have one thing in common, the heart to lead you with this life long practice. Take comfort in the knowledge we are here to assist you and help you grow in your practice.

Lynn Rozak

Lynn began practicing yoga in 2001 and loves being a student of yoga and sharing all she has learned. She Founded Sunshine School of Yoga with the principles of sharing what you love with an open heart and an open mind. She opened Sunshine Yoga Shack in 2012 to create a safe place for everyone to practice yoga with no judgment, only acceptance.

Lynn's motto is that everybody is a yoga body and lives to share yoga with yogis at any experience level. Everyone must start somewhere, and at Sunshine, everyone is welcome.

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, E-RYT-500, YACEP, Senior Yoga Certified Specialist, Ayurveda Specialist, PreNatal Yoga Certified, Aerial Yoga Certified Specialist, Teacher Trainer, Thai Body Work-Certified and a Reiki Master.

Here is Lynn's story...

'I have been married to the love of my life, Eric, since 1999. We have three exceptional children, two dogs, and one grand puppy. In 2001 I started my yoga journey before Sept 11th but after the birth of my first son. I never expected the road would lead me here.
Yoga gave me freedom. Freedom from the world and freedom from the person I thought I was. I had to let go of the version of me the world told me to be and become a more authentic version of myself. Since my first yoga class, I have been curious why yoga made such an impression on me and how it changed me and brought out the best in me. After almost 21 years of yoga practice and ten years of teaching yoga, I feel there is so much still to do and so much left to explore. I try to bring that knowledge to Sunshine School of Yoga and Sunshine Yoga Shack.'

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Private Session with Lynn

Jennifer Sharts

Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Certified Aerial Yoga Specialist, Jennifer has her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses in Behavioral and Social Science from University of Texas.

Meet Jennifer; this is her story...
"I wish I could start by telling you that I began my yoga practice healthy and strong both physically and mentally, but, like a lot of us, I can't. I started my yoga practice at 34 years old, during my last semester at UTA where I was working on my life-long dream to graduate college. I was struggling physically, making it to 180 pounds by eating that college diet, and mentally, developing depression and panic attacks, when one of my professors introduced me to yoga and I decided to change my life.
I also wish I could tell you my yoga journey began and it was up from there, but it wasn't. What I can tell you is that after continuing to put one foot in front of the other and understanding that some days are one step forward and two steps back, I fell in love with my practice and began to like myself.
At 39 years old, I walked into Sunshine Yoga Shack, beginning another pivotal moment that allowed me to change my life again. Looking for guidance and knowledge and some fun aerial, I met Lynn Rozak and an entire tribe of family that loved me unconditionally and continues to do so every day. My practice grew tenfold (that yin helps!), but my confidence and the love I started to feel for myself and others grew even deeper.
That overweight, scared, panicked, sad girl who started this journey is no longer the person you see today. Yoga didn't change me, yoga gave me the strength, the courage, the support, and the love to change myself. If I can do it, so can you."

Jennifer offers private yoga, aerial and lyra lessons. Contact her at jsharts@gmail.com.


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Private Session with Jennifer

Jessica Cazobon

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Jessica took her first yoga class nearly eight years ago at a community college and practiced on and off for years before deciding to take her practice to the next level and get certified to teach. In the meantime, she studied glassblowing at UTA, earning her BFA in glass and worked for 17 years at a job in healthcare. She has recently been able to leave her healthcare job behind and focus on teaching yoga and aerial yoga. Soon after becoming certified, she began teaching yoga at a drug rehabilitation facility and prefers to focus on the healing aspects of yoga. Jessica has completed her RYT 200, Aerial Yoga Certification, and Reiki level 2.

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Mallory Green


 Certified 200 hour yoga teacher. Mallory is eager to help others find wellness & heal their bodies  through yoga and mindfulness. Her journey to yoga began when finding alternative methods to heal her lupus and kidney disease. Since practicing yoga Mallory has stayed in remission 6 out of the 14 years she has been diagnosed.

Follow Mallory @the_yogi_green on Instagram.

Angela Gurthrie

Angela is a Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and a high school English teacher who is passionate about bringing yoga into the lives of people of all ages.


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Private with Angela

Kayla Coonrod

Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Certified Aerial Yoga Specialist.

Kayla has a daughter, an incredibly supportive boyfriend, and his teenage son. They have a chihuahua and an Alaskan Malamute who are both 11 years old. Kayla works for a cybersecurity company and teaches yoga on the weekends. She was born with Congenital heart disease which has been a continuous battle throughout her life. This is her story...
"In November 2016 I walked into Sunshine Yoga Shack a very different person from the person I am today. Back then, I had a lot of things going on both physically and emotionally. I started going to classes regularly and was amazed at how fast my body was changing. I felt good. I was getting stronger and I had more energy. Something else was changing as well, but I didn’t notice it at first. My mindset was changing and getting stronger. All of a sudden I didn’t feel like a weak person anymore. I started to believe that I could do things I never thought I was capable of before. I also started developing friendships and found myself surrounded by a community of people who supported and encouraged me. I fell in love with the person yoga allowed me to become. This journey led me to start teaching aerial yoga in June of 2017 and then earn my RYT in December of 2017. My yoga practice allowed me to build the self-confidence and courage I needed to make the necessary changes in my life to be happy and work towards my potential. My goal is to continue to grow in my practice and share the experience with the amazing tribe at Sunshine Yoga Shack."
Private Session with Kayla

Carrie Schikevitz

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Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Carrie is also a Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator. 

Carrie offers private Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, contact her at wfloweryoga@gmail.com. Visit her webpage at HatchBirth.com

Follow Carrie @hatchbirth on Instagram.

Shante Russ

Te poster

Certified Aerial Yoga Specialist and writer. Te' has written over 30 novels and brings a passion for aerial to each of her classes.

Follow Te' @te'russnovels on Instagram.

Brandi Simpson


Brandi is a Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and proud graduate of the Sunshine School of
Yoga. She has her B.F.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis on Sculpture, and she is currently
pursuing her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Glass Studies. When Brandi is
not practicing yoga she can be found blowing glass, hanging out with her family, or chasing
down random dogs just so she can cuddle them.

Landry Applegate


Landry is a Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher and has been practicing at the Studio since she was 13. Landy interned for two years and is now leading her own Kids Aerial classes.


Micki Washburn

Micki is a Registered 200 Hour Yoga Instructor and wellness coach.  She offers private Yoga lessons for those healing from trauma and individuals in recovery from substance misuse.  You can contact her at doctor.micki.washburn@gmail.com


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Vanessa Polozola

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and photographer. Visit her website sunphotodfw.com.


Whitney Boatright

Whitney has been practicing yoga for about 6 years and is a new mother. has overcome many difficulties due to the pandemic and credits her yoga practice to her resiliency. She works as a mental health care professional helping teens and children,

Whitney is a Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher.


What we offer...

At Sunshine we offer yoga, aerial silks yoga, private session, team building, teacher trainings and Thai body work. To learn more...