April 2021
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Living Magazine, Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie, wanted to know more about our studio. They did an article to understand where we came from and what we have planned. Featured in the November 2020 issue.

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Living Magazine, Arlington, Mansfield and Grand Prairie, asked Lynn Rozak to answer the most popular questions about yoga. Featured in the September 2020 issue.


Elephant Journal article

How Aerial Yoga changed my brain, made me stronger and healed my body.

By Lynn Rozak

How Aerial Yoga changed my brain, made me stronger and healed my body

Why Yoga?

By Lynn Rozak

So, you have heard that yoga is good for you. Maybe, your doctor has said yoga can help with stress and anxiety. You have seen the peaceful faces of people doing yoga. You have a friend that said yoga helps with pain relief. You are intrigued, yet a little intimidated.

On the simplest level, yoga is breath work. We use our breath to slow down our central nervous system. As we slow down our central nervous system our body responds on many different levels.

All of the systems in the body which require no thought are called the autonomic nervous system. When we consciously slow down our breath these systems slow down as well. Your heart rate will slow down which will help your blood pressure. Your digestion will slow down so your food will digest with ease and you will absorb the nutrients more effectively. When your breathing is slowed down you can take deeper more effective breaths. This will help you use more of your lung capacity and absorb more of the oxygen, creating an oxygen rich environment for your cells. Balancing the automatic systems of the body.

Muscle fibers become stronger, toner and leaner during a yoga practice. When using other types of exercise we focus on one area of the body or one set of muscles. During yoga we utilize all of the muscles together. This will create a synchronicity within the body as you learn to use everything together. Strengthen not just the larger muscles but developing the finer and smaller muscles as well. This promotes a balanced body.

Our bones become stronger and denser with the weight bearing postures that we use during our yoga practice. Yet as you develop the smaller fine muscles of the body it can help promote balanced alignment of the bones in your body.

Our connective tissue is often forgotten and overlooked. Our connective tissue or fascia wraps around every organ, every bone and every muscle in your body. In fact this connective tissue meshes together to create ligaments and tendons. Our connective tissue is connected, from your feet to your head and everywhere in-between. When we feel discomfort in one area of the body it will affect the other parts of the body. Moving through our yoga postures and syncing breath  will release tension and tightness in the connective tissue.  When the connective tissue is not tight and restricted it promotes balance in this aspect of the body.

Yoga promotes balance in the physical body and enables ease of motion. When the body can move effectively without restriction there is reduced pain and stress.

As the physical levels of our body improve, your sleep will improve as well. Deeper breathing, less pain and stress allow the mind to let go and reach a deeper level of sleep. When we reach these deeper levels of sleep we have more energy throughout the day.

Yoga can give you the ability to respond instead of react to any situation. As you practice slowing down your breath, the mental distractions begin to slow as well. As our mind is less reactive to any situation we can choose what happens next, instead of reacting without thought.

Yoga is a practice. You start where you are and do what you can. Every time you practice yoga you get better at it. You understand a little more about what is happening. You create a connection with yourself on a physical level and a deeper connection mentally. As these different levels of yourself start to improve you move into a sense of balance and harmony. This balance will increase your vibration and create the best version of yourself.



Lynn Rozak

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