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Aerial Silks

Have you ever wanted to join cirque du soleil? Aerial Silks Yoga is a combination of traditional asanas done on your mat and postures using soft fabric hammock suspended at waist height. Discover yoga postures in a new ways! This practice targets every single muscle group you have!!

Just Silks

Aerial Silks for everyone. This Aerial Silks Yoga class will focus on yoga with standing postures, deep release postures and one to two inversions. Great for all levels.


Silks Restore

Aerial Silks Restorative adds all of the fun of Aerial yoga in a restorative yin practice. Longer deeper holds while using the silk for support.

Just Yoga

First half of this yoga class moves through a flow of sequences designed to work your muscular body. The second half of class is a yin practice, getting deep into the connective tissues of your ligaments and joints. The two halves of this practice lead to heightened mental clarity. Description of postures offered. Good for yoga bodies new to practice, and practicing yoga bodies who want to explore deeper asanas. Postures move at a slower pace. Great for Beginners yet challenging for seasoned practitioners.


Power Hour

One powerful hour of a vinyasa  yoga with some longer holds to get deeper into your practice. Uniting breath and body while flowing to fun music! A practice designed for strength physically and mentally with posture variations. Arm balances and inversions offered but not required. All levels are welcome.


Enjoy FAR Infrared Heat and move your body in a room heated to 85 degrees. The studio is warm with the therapeutic effects of the Infrared Heat but not an overpowering stagnate heat. This practice will release tension and toxins stored deep within your muscle tissue. The Infrared Heat is also great for joins and skin. Hot enough to make you sweat and increase circulation. This is a powerful practice were all levels are welcome. Arm balances and inversions are offered but not required.


Simply Yin

A practice of activity that is slow, steady and often stationary with a sense of surrender for the mind and body. This practice will allow our bodies to work the deep tissues of our tendons, joints, fascia and even our bones... and our minds to reach a level of meditation. Sequences will be designed to stimulate certain organ groups and activate energy flows through our bodies called meridians. Yin Yoga is a practice that will increase your flexibility and is also considered a practice of self awareness and meditation. Yin yoga is highly recommended for every yoga body.

Yin and Yoga Nidra

This specially requested one hour class will be a yin practice closed with a guided yoga nidra meditation. Perfect to unwind from your week and prepare for the weekend. Yin yoga to help loosen the tight muscles and connective tissue of the body and guided meditation to release the mental stress we hold within our mind.


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Deep Yoga

The best of our yoga in one slow and deep 75 minute class. Experience 35 minutes of creative sun salutations and deep holds perfect for all levels of yoga experience. Then 25 minutes of deep yin postures. Practitioners will notice the release of stress and feeling of well-being. Arm balances and inversions are offered but not required. Great for beginners and seasoned practitioners.


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