Sunday Sunshine Salutations

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Sunshine Salutation August 29th, 2021


Find your inner COMPASS as we explore Satya or Truthfulness at the Studio this week. Over the years learning how to be an adult in this world is hard and a challenge. One thing I find necessary in life is being real. Yoga has helped me peel the different layers of myself so I found my true north. When I follow that path nothing can hold me back. Join me in classes this week to get back on your true path or just for a little practice.

Sunshine Salutation August 22nd, 2021


Let me tell you a secret... You are stronger than you know. Deep within yourself, there is a power many have never had to use before but it is there. We all face challenges in this life and we have the opportunity to rise up and accept the challenge or we can shrink back. The choice is yours.

Sunshine Salutation August 15th, 2021


So many are ready for school this week and others continue the daily grind. Let's get back to a new routine and get back to our yoga practice. To help get started we will offer a FREE yoga or aerial class at the studio. Anyone can use the discount code STARTNOW. Simply book your class and enter the code at check out. Check out our pose of the week when you need to slow down this week.
As school and Teacher Training start this week I will be discussing Ahisma nonviolence and non-harming. This is the first of the Yamas and the first step on our journey through the eight limbs of yoga. Of course, we do no harm to others but what do we do to ourselves?

Sunshine Salutation August 8th, 2021


Tonight is the new moon and an excellent time to start something new. Mansfield Schools start in 10 days' time and our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training begins in 13 days. Maybe you have been too busy to start something for yourself. There is no better time than today. Right now!


A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Take that step today. Set your intention on something new or maybe return to something you have been missing.

Sunshine Salutation August 1st, 2021

Sunshine Salutation, Job Well Done! The Tribe and I feel great pride in the experience we offer you with every visit to the studio. Every teacher at the studio cultivates a new class every time they teach. We want you to have the BEST experience and we want you to feel accomplished after each class you take.

I know for myself when I feel accomplished I feel a sense of pride and happiness. Whatever endeavor I attempt even if I don't master the task at hand, trying something new is an accomplishment of its own.

What makes you feel accomplished? It could be completing a yoga or aerial practice, preparing a healthy meal, rocking at your job, or spending quality time with a loved one. When we accomplish we raise our vibration and create harmony.

Sunshine Salutation July 25th, 2021

How is your summer so far? Are you enjoying every moment or are you letting it slip by without taking time to enjoy the sweetness of life?
I was fortunate enough to start my yoga journey when my children were babies. The oldest is now 20 and I can tell you from my heart, I enjoyed every moment. The challenges and the joys of every small detail. It goes so fast. Just like summer. Sometimes I feel outside of my body and I get to watch all of the beauty to sear it in my memory.
This is the act of mindfulness. Taking time to sense and feel life instead of staying in our mind to only focus on each task we are given. Yoga is a mindful practice and helps train your brain on how to be mindful.

Sunshine Salutation July 18th, 2021

You might have noticed the heat. Well, Summer is Pitta Season. If you study the science of Ayurveda you know Pitta is the body type or constitution for FIRE. If you live in a home and someone who always wants the air set on artic, they are probably Pitta dosha.
Our Doshas help us understand the body's rhythm and guide us to find balance in our everyday life. We study Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) in Yoga Teacher Training's November module.

Sunshine Salutation February 28th, 2021

March madness is upon us.

Sunshine Salutation January 17th, 2021

VOTE for Sunshine and feel your energy

Sunshine Salutation January 3rd, 2021

Looking forward and the best version of you