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Everything about this studio feels right. I’ve attended aerial classes for the last 6 months and have loved every class and instructor. Each instructor has their own flow and intensity and it works beautifully. Whether you’re a beginner coming in with no formal strength/flexibility background (like me!) or an experienced yogi or aerialist, you’re sure to find the perfect space to grow here. Highly recommend this studio.

- M Chappell

First time doing a yoga class, let alone aerial! Jessica was an amazing instructor that made me feel comfortable and excited to learn something new!! Awesome class, instructor and students! There’s calming incense, fun bouncy floors, super soft and strong curtains/ribbons to work with, and they offer water when needed. 10/10 on the whole experience
- Bradyn

This place is awesome! The people who come here to teach, and the people who come to learn, are all open and loving souls. I got to try out some aerial yoga(a must do, it is amazing!) The place is clean, it smells wonderful, and the ambiance is just perfect. I'll definitely be coming back here.
- Jason Howton

I started attending classes at Sunshine during one of the darkest times of my life at the encouragement of one of the instructors there. I started with floor yoga. The instructors are simply amazing. I had done yoga before, but not in this setting. The instructors and students alike are so supportive and encouraging. I started taking aerial classes. This was not something I would have ever thought I would do. I had let my life be ruled by regret and fear. But, I dove in head first, luckily without landing on it. From these amazing teachers and the experiences here I have learned to love myself. I have gained strength and self-confidence that humbles me. I have become someone I trust and believe in. During the darkest chapter of my life I found peace, love, hope, and light here. I would encourage absolutely EVERYONE to come enjoy this light with me and all the members of The Shack!
- Mary Viglas

A true confidence and mind-body connection builder. I finally found an enjoyable fitness challenge in Aerial Silks here at Sunshine! I feel both extremely accomplished and physically exhausted at the end of sessions. Lynn and Jessica are amazing teachers and singing-bowl artists. Lynn also leads wonderful Yin and Yoga Nidra meditations followed by transformative Aerial Silks classes. Jennifer teaches a liberating Kids Aerial Yoga class as well, and my 10 year old daughter absolutely loves it! It has increased her confidence and trust in her own body, not to mention building her strength and sense if accomplishment with every class!
- Ashley laricchia

I have been an avid yogi for the past 10 years but was looking to challenge myself a little more. Then Sunshine Yoga Shack and their aerial yoga came into my life. The first few classes were the most exhausting (and slightly painful) thing I have ever done BUT IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! All the teachers are so positive and encouraging and the students are just the same. You feel a little ridiculous the first few classes because it is such a foreign feeling to float above the ground but not once did I feel judged by anyone. I have become so much stronger, flexible, and confident thanks to aerial yoga. I also live 30 minutes from the studio but would go to aerial yoga three times a week. SO WORTH THE DRIVE!!!!
- Brittney Goodwin

Not to long ago I was on the search to find a yoga studio, it was something I had been wanting to help keep me active and healthy. When I found this place I received way more than just a place to practice yoga. I found a family of loving and supportive people, I found a safe and calm space that I can let go of any stresses and burdens in my life and the BEST part is that I found aerial silks practice. Aerial silks is so incredibly fun, unique and beautiful! It challenges me to see what I’m capable of and it sparks my creative and performance driven personality. It gives me something to be proud of, and it inspires me to do better in other aspects of my life because it shows me that I AM capable of doing amazing things and looking beautiful as long as I try. It is a life changing experience!
- Kat Peach

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