Yoga Shack FAQs


What You Need to Know About the Yoga at Sunshine Yoga Shack

Do you find yourself interested in trying yoga but aren’t sure where to start? One of the best ways to get going with Yoga is simply by starting. With that said, we understand that you may have some questions. Whether you’re curious about our yoga training classes or our aerial silk yoga we have some answers that might help guide you, and always don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

You can call us at 682-422-9642 or reach out to us here!

  1. What makes Sunshine Yoga Shack different from other yoga studios? 

    1. We are a studio for every type of person. We invite all levels of yogis, beginners to advanced. This is a safe space where everyone is welcome to learn any one of our programs. 
  2. What kind of Yoga classes are offered? 

    1. We offer yoga perfect for beginners with Just Yoga and Deep. We offer Power and heated yoga classes. We also hang from the ceiling with aerial yoga and offer an entirely different experience.
  3. What if I am not flexible? 

    1. Yoga is not about being flexible but about making your body and your mind stronger, leaner, more powerful and flexibility is a benefit.
  4. Do you offer beginner classes?

    1. Yes, all classes are for all levels and every time you will learn something new. We break down the poses and the practice in a way everyone can understand.
  5. How do I schedule a class? 

    1. Go to our webpage or download the app. We make it easy to book or cancel a class. We also have free classes on the app you can take from home.
  6. What should I bring to class? 

    1. If you have a mat bring it. If not you can borrow one of ours. 
  7. How do you clean between classes?

    1. We use a hospital-grade disinfectant fogger to sanitize the entire studio twice a day. 
  8. Can I pay per class?
    Yes. All classes are available on a pay-per-class basis. 

  9. How does the membership work? 

    1. Monthly memberships auto-renew each month on the purchase date. To be a member you must commit to 90 days of membership. If you do not want to be a member, no worries. Buy a single class or a block of classes.
  10. What are the benefits of Yoga? 

    1. Yoga is an ancient practice that has been used to make the body stronger, leaner, agile, and more resilient for thousands of years. Yoga also is a wonderful way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It has been proven to help with addiction, PTSD, blood pressure, and numerous other issues.
  11. When can I expect to see progress in my yoga? 

    1. You should start to feel progress after your first yoga class. You will feel more relaxed right after class.
  12. I have an injury, can I still practice?

    1.  We ask you to never do anything that hurts your body and if you have an injury to heal first.
  13. Do you do private classes? 

    1. Yes, we offer private classes and private parties.
  14. Do you offer prenatal yoga? 

    1. Several of our teachers are prenatal certified so schedule your class and let the teacher know you are expecting.
  15.  What is yoga online? 

    1. We offer streaming classes LIVE every day for our members via Facebook and on-demand classes with a library of over 100 classes on our app. There are free classes available via the app right now. 
  16. What is the cancellation/no-show policy? 

    1. If you book a class you receive a confirmation email. If you cannot attend please cancel to allow someone else to have your space. If you cancel early there is no charge and your class pass will stay on your account. If you no show or late cancel you will not be refunded.
  17. When should I arrive for class? 

    1. Please arrive at class 10 minutes early to get set up in your social distance spot.
  18.  Who will my teachers be? 

    1. Please check out all of our teachers via the website. All teachers are certified and experienced in their teaching format.
  19. What are the qualifications of the teachers? 

    1. Yoga teachers receive a 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification and aerial teachers are certified at the 25-hour level
  20.  Is there a waitlist for a full class? 

    1. Yes. please get on the waitlist and as space is available you will receive an email
  21. Are there any age restrictions? 

    1. You must be over 12 to attend an adult class. If you are under 12 there are several options to attend.


  1. Can I take my classes online?
    a.Please see above
  2. What kind of teacher training/ certification do you offer? What comes with it? 

    1. Sunshine School of Yoga offers many different training programs. We have a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification and it provides all books and literature for the training as well as an unlimited yoga and aerial membership for the duration of training. 
    2. We offer Aerial Yoga Certification which includes one month of membership
    3. Reiki Certification and attunements
  3. How do I freeze or cancel my class/ membership? 

Please send an email to Lynn@sunshineyogashack.com 10 days before your billing cycle to cancel or freeze your account.