Yoga at Sunshine

Yoga at Sunshine

Power Yoga (1)

Power Hour is an hour-long Power Yoga class. The studio is set at 78 degrees and we move through creative Sun Salutations with a vinyasa flow linking breath and body with a connection to mindfulness. Arm balances and inversions are offered but not required. This class is good for all levels of yoga experience. This class is a challenge but as always move at your own pace.

Power Yoga (3)

Our Heated Yoga classes are some of the most popular classes we offer. We believe that popularity is due to the fact that this is not your normal hot yoga class.

Instead of just cranking up the thermostat, our studio features FAR Infrared heat panels to heat the room and warm your muscular body from the inside out. This class is powerful and therapeutic. The heat panels create an atmosphere of a gentle heated sauna and the practice releases tension in the muscles with numerous health benefits. This class is challenging for all levels, arm balances and inversions offered but not required.

Beginners are welcome as always to move at your own pace.

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The best of our yoga in one slow and deep 75-minute class. Experience 35 minutes of creative sun salutations and deep holds perfect for all levels of yoga experience. Then 25 minutes of deep yin postures. Practitioners will notice the release of stress and feeling of well-being. This class is wonderful for beginners and challenging for the most experienced yogi. Arm balances and inversions are offered but not required. As always move at your own pace.

Power Yoga (5)

Just Yoga is a wonderful foundation yoga class of 60 minutes in duration. This class is a Hatha yoga class using standing muscular Yang postures to strengthen the body and seated deep release Yin postures to relax and restore the connective tissue of the body. Wonderful for all levels and great for beginners. This class will challenge experienced yogis with a balanced yoga practice.


Yoga Pump (4)

Yin and Yoga Nidra is an hour long class with 45 minutes of Yin yoga postures. Yin postures are deep release yoga poses on the floor. These postures are held for three to five minutes and work releasing the connective tissues of the body. This practice is very meditative and followed by a 15 minutes Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a guided mediation also translated to Yogic Sleep.  This class helps relieve stress, tension, body aches and promotes healthy sleep. This class is great for beginners and is part of a balanced yoga practice.


Yoga Pump (2)

Take your practice to the next level with Yoga Pump! By using breath, and adding light weights to traditional yoga poses you will burn calories, increase core strength, build lean muscles, and shape and tone your entire body!

This is a 60-minute class and is good for all levels of yoga and weight experience. This class is a challenge but as always, move at your own pace.

Yoga Pump (3)

Ashtanga Led Primary: Ashtanga is the original power yoga. A systematic preset sequence of predetermined flowing postures linked together with the breath. Similar to vinyasa flow and power, but without music. The aim is for every breath taken to be a conscious one, creating a moving meditation. We start with 4-5 sun salutations to warm up the body, followed by standing postures and then making our way onto the mat for some dynamic stretching. We may introduce the word om at the beginning and end of the practice. This simple single word represents the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga. This class is 60 minutes long and available to all levels of experience.

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