We did it! Thank you to everyone who helped and performed. We missed the tribe members who could not make it this year but we are already planning 2021.

At first we were afraid we were petrified ... kept thinking COVID would close our sanctuary down... We spent so many nights thinking of how we could go on... but we grew strong and learned how to get along... So now we are BACK from QUARANTINE, at the studio it’s better now than you have ever seen!

If you would like to be in the show please start now!

2020 Sunshine Showcase

The 2020 Sunshine Showcase

Sunshine Showcase 2019 poster
2019 was a great year for our Annual Aerial Showcase. Check out our performances.
We are already planning our routines for 2020. Come and see us in October.
Showcase poster 2

2018's Showcase

More Videos to come...

2018 Photos by @WesFikesPhotos