New to Yoga?


The first time you come to yoga can be intimidating. You are unsure of the poses and feel as if everyone will be looking at you. Can you make it through class? Everyone started some where. The hardest part about any yoga class is showing up. If there are 2 people in class or 100, everyone there is focused on their own mat and not what their neighbor is doing.

Yoga is a practice where as you move on your mat you go inside your body and inside your mind. The world around you seams to drift away.

The best part about our practice at The Shack is everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace and at the level they are at today. We teach you how to breath and everything else is a side effect. Your body and your practice will evolve very fast. After your third class you will see growth and strength develop. Everyone is welcome to practice at every class because you are in charge of your practice.

Wear something comfortable, bring some water and meet me at The Shack!