Starting Your Own Yoga Classes After Teacher Training: 4 Things You Should Do

You just graduated from yoga teacher training and you are excite to share your knowledge of yoga with the world, but how? At first is seems daunting but keep in mind you are trained and certified to teach yoga and you can start your own classes. How do you transfer your new knowledge to the real-world?

During yoga teacher training, you are a part of a group in a supportive environment. You have your teachers to guide you and your fellow trainees to support you through the process. But after you graduate, you may find yourself overwhelmed while beginning your own yoga teaching journey. That is why we have listed a few important tips to get you started. Read on to know what they are.

  • Plan and prepare

    Since you have just finished your training, do not assume that you can put together a class simply by drawing on your vast knowledge of asanas. It is important to plan and prepare. During training at Sunshine School of Yoga we have laid out a very important map of elements for each class. Build your class with intelligent sequencing that builds energy by using Sun Salutations and yin and yang postures. Write down your class plan and sequence but be prepared for class without needing the notes. It is not always possible to look at your notes during class.

  • Start with family and friends

    As a newly trained yoga instructor, it might initially be difficult for you to find students. This is why it would be a good idea to bring in some of your friends and family member. They will not only provide moral support but also help you hone your teaching skills. You don’t necessarily have to plan hour-long lessons for them – even 30-minute classes will be sufficient. K. Pattabhi Jois said, ‘Practice and all is coming’, these words resinate not only your yoga practice but for teaching yoga as well.

  • Keep it simple

    When you are just starting out as a yoga teacher, the last thing you would want to do is show off your newly acquired skills by including fancy, complex asanas in your first few classes. You should always begin with a simple sequence, one that is easily achievable for both experienced students and beginners. Remember, yoga works and the simplest classes can be the most effective.

  • Do not limit your classes to one particular space

    You might have your own yoga studio but it pays to extend your teaching beyond that one space. One of the best ways to get new students and also continue your own learning is to teach beyond the studio. You can get in touch with businesses, schools, or apartment complexes to get approval to hold a class once or twice a month.

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Sunshine School of Yoga is a registered yoga school RYS with Yoga Alliance, which means our Teacher Training Program follows the Yoga Alliance Standards. Students who complete this verified training will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher or RYT. We are committed to making sure that we provide our students with the best education along with a safe, nurturing space where they can learn and grow.

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