3 Ways that Yoga can Calm Your Stress during the Holidays

How Yoga can help with Holiday Tension and Stress

It is no secret that while the holiday season brings a tremendous amount of fun and joy, it also comes with stress and tension for many people. Whether that is due to financial stress, social anxiety, tension from seeing disagreeable family members, sorrow from having suffered a loss since the last holiday season, stress about traveling, or just general anxiety about making sure everything goes according to plan. Of course the goal of the holiday season is to share laughter, exchange gifts, and enjoy food, but most people are affected by at least one of the stress factors previously mentioned. Here at Sunshine Yoga Shack we teach people how to elevate their yoga practice to alleviate stress and anxiety. Here are three ways to practice yoga that will help to reduce your tensions and stress this holiday season.

Breathe. Just Breathe.

Oftentimes when we feel stressed or anxious we find ourselves with a tight chest and being short of breath. This is natural, which is why breathing is such an important part of relaxation. People who are less familiar with yoga might not realize that breathing exercises are a big part of the practice, since regulating your breathing teaches you to relax and reduce the amount of anxiety and stress you are feeling. If you are stressing about buying gifts or your big trip home for the holidays, just take some time out of your day to breathe; just breathe.

Hold a Pose

Holding poses  is probably what most people picture when they think about yoga. There are so many different yoga poses that can help build strength, increase your overall flexibility, improve your circulation, and help you with your balance. However, many poses also help with tension and anxiety. For example, the legs-up-the-wall pose not only helps to improve your circulation, but it can help you to relax and reduce your stress as well. This is a literal approach to the phrase, “put your feet up and relax”, and is worth trying for 10 or 15 minutes after finishing your holiday shopping or wrapping your gifts. Check out our FAQ if you have questions about taking a yoga class.

Reflect and Meditate

If you find that you are filled with negative thoughts this holiday season, meditation is also a hugely important part of yoga that can help reduce your anxiety. All facets of yoga relate to one another. If you are breathing, holding a pose, or meditating, chances are you might be doing all three. Whether you are meditating on your own or doing a guided meditation with an instructor, this practice is very therapeutic. Yoga meditation helps you take control of your mind and shut out the thoughts that are causing stress and anxiety. Peace of mind is the greatest gift of all.

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The holidays are stressful, but yoga will help you to manage that stress. Stay merry this season with our holiday special that helps save you money while buying yoga classes for yourself or a loved one! Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, there is a place for you at Sunshine Yoga Shack. Sign up for a yoga class and make a change for the better in your life. From just basic yoga, to a power hour, to aerial skills yoga, we offer a wide variety of styles of yoga to accommodate every lifestyle and preference. Visit us at the shack for some yoga and a dose of sunshine!