Starting Your Own Yoga Classes After Teacher Training: 4 Things You Should Do

You just graduated from yoga teacher training and you are excite to share your knowledge of yoga with the world, but how? At first is seems daunting but keep in mind you are trained and certified to teach yoga and you can start your own classes. How do you transfer your new knowledge to the real-world?

During yoga teacher training, you are a part of a group in a supportive environment. You have your teachers to guide you and your fellow trainees to support you through the process. But after you graduate, you may find yourself overwhelmed while beginning your own yoga teaching journey. That is why we have listed a few important tips to get you started. Read on to know what they are.

  • Plan and prepare

    Since you have just finished your training, do not assume that you can put together a class simply by drawing on your vast knowledge of asanas. It is important to plan and prepare. During training at Sunshine School of Yoga we have laid out a very important map of elements for each class. Build your class with intelligent sequencing that builds energy by using Sun Salutations and yin and yang postures. Write down your class plan and sequence but be prepared for class without needing the notes. It is not always possible to look at your notes during class.

  • Start with family and friends

    As a newly trained yoga instructor, it might initially be difficult for you to find students. This is why it would be a good idea to bring in some of your friends and family member. They will not only provide moral support but also help you hone your teaching skills. You don’t necessarily have to plan hour-long lessons for them – even 30-minute classes will be sufficient. K. Pattabhi Jois said, ‘Practice and all is coming’, these words resinate not only your yoga practice but for teaching yoga as well.

  • Keep it simple

    When you are just starting out as a yoga teacher, the last thing you would want to do is show off your newly acquired skills by including fancy, complex asanas in your first few classes. You should always begin with a simple sequence, one that is easily achievable for both experienced students and beginners. Remember, yoga works and the simplest classes can be the most effective.

  • Do not limit your classes to one particular space

    You might have your own yoga studio but it pays to extend your teaching beyond that one space. One of the best ways to get new students and also continue your own learning is to teach beyond the studio. You can get in touch with businesses, schools, or apartment complexes to get approval to hold a class once or twice a month.

Are you looking to start your yoga teacher training journey? Get in touch with us at Sunshine Yoga Shack for the finest yoga training in Texas.

Sunshine School of Yoga is a registered yoga school RYS with Yoga Alliance, which means our Teacher Training Program follows the Yoga Alliance Standards. Students who complete this verified training will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher or RYT. We are committed to making sure that we provide our students with the best education along with a safe, nurturing space where they can learn and grow.

Reach out to us if you want to know more about our yoga training program for teachers.

Summer-proof Your Body with Yoga Classes in TX

  • Inner peace
  • Lean and strong body
  • Better posture
  • Great spine health
  • Better skin
  • Improved flexibility and balance

Sun salutations to backbends, Yoga is about strong and lean bodies, good skin, mindfulness, relaxation, and better mental health. It offers benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

However, did you know it can help you beat the summer heat?

As the season of nature’s reverence warms the air and energy of the sun reverberate at a higher vibration, and summer can be a pretty big deal for places like Texas. With the seasonal shift changing our organic biological ebb and flow within, summer can provoke a manic state of mind for people living in comparatively hot climates. No need to leave Texas to escape the heat, signing up for TX yoga classes can help you relax throughout the summer.


The summer months are a time of warmth and light. During these months, our aim becomes to balance out the heat and energy of the sun by creating cool and calm within our bodies. Yoga is the easiest way to achieve that state. There are different practices within Yoga, including meditation, restorative poses, and balancing poses, among others, that help one achieve a calm state of mind despite the outside environment. It also helps cope with stress, enhances focus, and modulates emotions.


Signing up for yoga classes in TX can also help your body adapt to sweating and high temperatures. With practice, Yoga softens your body’s reaction to the outside environment while making you less sensitive to temperature fluctuations. It is a great way to toughen up your body and boost stamina and endurance.


As we move from the winter hibernation, we usually tend to eat more during the colder months, which leads to problems like bloating, irritation, heaviness, and nausea. Besides, our modern lifestyle can be quite unhealthy owing to periods of prolonged sitting, idleness, and snacking on junk foods. A good yoga session allows your body to move the lymphatic fluid in your body, sweat more, and reduce the bloat. Apart from making you feel rejuvenated and refreshed, it also uplifts your mood.


Yoga is more about controlling your breathing than you are aware. In Yoga classes, you will hear the teacher telling you to inhale before diving into a certain pose, exhale to come out, or any other similar instruction to guide your movement. Everything in our day-to-day life comes down to breathing. From dealing with stressful situations to being calm and composed, everything is controlled by our breath which further charges our entire system. Finding a neutral breathing state in every situation not only helps us cope with the heat but also get better in life, in general.


Yoga classes prove beneficial for water intake, especially if you naturally drink less water. As you sweat in your yoga sessions, you will need to drink water. Staying hydrated during your sessions keeps you energized throughout the class, making you more likely to take the habit outside of the studio.

Don’t fancy the traditional practice of Yoga? Our versatile class showcase includes aerial yoga classes, power yoga, yin and Yoga Nidra, and more! Get your body ready for an active summer as the sun beckons us outside to bask in some vitamin D.

3 Ways that Yoga can Calm Your Stress during the Holidays

How Yoga can help with Holiday Tension and Stress

It is no secret that while the holiday season brings a tremendous amount of fun and joy, it also comes with stress and tension for many people. Whether that is due to financial stress, social anxiety, tension from seeing disagreeable family members, sorrow from having suffered a loss since the last holiday season, stress about traveling, or just general anxiety about making sure everything goes according to plan. Of course the goal of the holiday season is to share laughter, exchange gifts, and enjoy food, but most people are affected by at least one of the stress factors previously mentioned. Here at Sunshine Yoga Shack we teach people how to elevate their yoga practice to alleviate stress and anxiety. Here are three ways to practice yoga that will help to reduce your tensions and stress this holiday season.

Breathe. Just Breathe.

Oftentimes when we feel stressed or anxious we find ourselves with a tight chest and being short of breath. This is natural, which is why breathing is such an important part of relaxation. People who are less familiar with yoga might not realize that breathing exercises are a big part of the practice, since regulating your breathing teaches you to relax and reduce the amount of anxiety and stress you are feeling. If you are stressing about buying gifts or your big trip home for the holidays, just take some time out of your day to breathe; just breathe.

Hold a Pose

Holding poses  is probably what most people picture when they think about yoga. There are so many different yoga poses that can help build strength, increase your overall flexibility, improve your circulation, and help you with your balance. However, many poses also help with tension and anxiety. For example, the legs-up-the-wall pose not only helps to improve your circulation, but it can help you to relax and reduce your stress as well. This is a literal approach to the phrase, “put your feet up and relax”, and is worth trying for 10 or 15 minutes after finishing your holiday shopping or wrapping your gifts. Check out our FAQ if you have questions about taking a yoga class.

Reflect and Meditate

If you find that you are filled with negative thoughts this holiday season, meditation is also a hugely important part of yoga that can help reduce your anxiety. All facets of yoga relate to one another. If you are breathing, holding a pose, or meditating, chances are you might be doing all three. Whether you are meditating on your own or doing a guided meditation with an instructor, this practice is very therapeutic. Yoga meditation helps you take control of your mind and shut out the thoughts that are causing stress and anxiety. Peace of mind is the greatest gift of all.

Sign Up for a Yoga Class Today

The holidays are stressful, but yoga will help you to manage that stress. Stay merry this season with our holiday special that helps save you money while buying yoga classes for yourself or a loved one! Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, there is a place for you at Sunshine Yoga Shack. Sign up for a yoga class and make a change for the better in your life. From just basic yoga, to a power hour, to aerial skills yoga, we offer a wide variety of styles of yoga to accommodate every lifestyle and preference. Visit us at the shack for some yoga and a dose of sunshine!

5 Benefits of Doing Yoga

Group of people sit doing yoga on a beach

What are the Benefits of Practicing Yoga?

Every year it seems like yoga becomes more and more popular, with classes being taught at gyms or in independent studios. Some people practice by themselves in the comfort of their home, some people sign up for classes and do it in a studio or at a gym, while others even do it outside with baby goats standing on their back. You might even see a group or individual doing it outside in your local park. So, what is this all about? Here at Sunshine Yoga Shack, yoga is our passion and has changed all of our lives for the better. Our goal is to share the benefits of yoga to the masses, so let’s take a look at five of the benefits that yoga will bring to your life.

1) Yoga Improves Your Physical Health

Yoga is incredibly good for your overall physical health. The practices of yoga can help alleviate back pain, symptoms of arthritis, inflammation, circulation, chronic pain, migraines, and can even improve the health of your heart! Every system in your body from head to toe stands to benefit from practicing yoga.

2) Yoga Improves Your Mental Health

In recent years, the world has begun to take mental health more seriously, which is wonderful since it is just as important as our physical health. Yoga is an excellent method for reducing stress and anxiety, particularly through the various breathing exercises. With reduced anxiety and stress, you are likely to feel more energized and to feel brighter moods more regularly.

3) Yoga Improves Flexibility, Balance, & Strength

Not only is yoga great for your physical and mental health, but it can improve the movement and control that you have over both body and mind. Physically, yoga helps to improve flexibility, along with balance and strength from holding different poses. Mentally, yoga can help improve concentration, patience, and mindfulness. 

4) Yoga Improves Your Sleep

As you practice yoga, your body and mind are in a state of calm, and this relaxation helps to improve the quality of your sleep. Not only will you potentially fall asleep easier, but staying asleep as well. Poor sleep can lead to both mental and physical health problems, so this added benefit only reinforces the impact that yoga has on health.

5) Yoga Improves Your Lifestyle

Not only does yoga improve your health, but it can improve your entire lifestyle. Yoga also promotes healthy eating and exercise habits, and if you join a group yoga class you will find yourself in a supportive community surrounded by like-minded people. 

Sign Up for a Yoga Class Today

Now that you know the wonderfully diverse benefits of yoga, are you itching to sign up for a class? Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, there is a place for you at Sunshine Yoga Shack. Sign up for a yoga class and make a change for the better in your life. From just basic yoga, to a power hour, to aerial skills yoga, we offer a wide variety of styles of yoga to accommodate every lifestyle and preference. Visit us at the shack for some yoga and a dose of sunshine!

New to Yoga?


The first time you come to yoga can be intimidating. You are unsure of the poses and feel as if everyone will be looking at you. Can you make it through class? Everyone started some where. The hardest part about any yoga class is showing up. If there are 2 people in class or 100, everyone there is focused on their own mat and not what their neighbor is doing.

Yoga is a practice where as you move on your mat you go inside your body and inside your mind. The world around you seams to drift away.

The best part about our practice at The Shack is everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace and at the level they are at today. We teach you how to breath and everything else is a side effect. Your body and your practice will evolve very fast. After your third class you will see growth and strength develop. Everyone is welcome to practice at every class because you are in charge of your practice.

Wear something comfortable, bring some water and meet me at The Shack!



Benefits of Yoga

yoga mansfield

Many people come to yoga for fitness, what happens is so much more. At the Shack, we feel like yoga is a work in. Yoga can train your body and breath to work as one. When you learn to move with your breath and body as one, your mind has a deeper understanding of your true self.

There are physical benefits you notice immediately, more flexibility, stronger muscles, easier breathing. However, over time, deeper result start to surface the feeling of serenity, less stress, body awareness and mental strength.

Medical research proves some of the physical benefits, mindfulness, reduced cholesterol, greater lung capacity, better circulation, and improved posture.